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Valiant: 100% focused on retail banking in Switzerland

Valiant is an independent retail and SME bank operating exclusively in Switzerland with CHF 27.8 bn assets. It offers private clients and small and medium-sized businesses a comprehensive range of easy-to-understand products and services covering all financial needs. We have 91 branch offices in 11 Swiss cantons, giving us a strong local presence. Through its innovative digital services, Valiant is also available to clients throughout the whole of Switzerland. 

Find more information in our latest investor presentation:

Download Presentation for investors, 9 August 2018 (pdf 1 MB)

Ambitious strategic and financial targets until 2020

Under our current strategy, we are seeking to achieve a return on equity of 6 to 8 per cent by 2020. The targeted dividend payout ratio in this period is between 40 and 70 per cent, with a dividend of at least CHF 4.00 per share. We are also striving to keep the total capital ratio between 15 and 17 per cent, and as such well in excess of the regulatory minimum.

Geographic expansion and digitalisation

In order to meet these objectives, we are investing in three areas:

  • Firstly, we are expanding our geographical base. At present, Valiant operates predominantly in rural areas. To remain fit for the future, we are increasingly moving into cities and fast-growing centres – after all, that is where the clients are. We will be incrementally building up our presence over the coming years.
  • Secondly, we are investing in digitisation, in our brand and in our employees. By digitising our banking services, we want to make our clients' financial affairs simpler and to be a reliable partner for them in the digital world.
  • Thirdly, we are ready to embark on non-organic growth. We would not be looking to diversify, but rather to sharpen our existing focus. Such options would therefore need to be a good fit with our business model before we would study them in depth.

Increased efficiency

The additional growth will be achieved with existing middle- and back-office resources.

Find more information about our strategy and targets in our latest investor presentation:

Download Presentation for investors, 9 August 2018 (pdf 1 MB)

Stable and sustainable dividend policy

Valiant pursues a stable dividend policy. In 2016, Valiant increased the target payout ratio from 30%-50% to 40%-70% of net profit, with a dividend of at least CHF 4.00 per share.

Stable or increasing dividends for 20 years

Valiant has paid out stable or increased dividends ever since it was founded in 1997.

Payout ratio53%51%50%54%55%40%40%41%36%34%34%

1  of which CHF 1.85 as a dividend and CHF 1.35 as a distribution from capital contribution reserves​​​​​​​
2   distributions from capital contribution reserves

Very high asset quality

The quality of the Valiant loan portfolio is very high. 97% of our loans (CHF 23.5bn) are covered. 94% of the mortgages are first-tier. The loan-to-value of the mortgage portfolio amounts to 63.0%, and the average residual term stands at a low 3.8 years.

Non-performing loans amount to 0.16% of total loans. Value adjustments for credit risk are 0.20% of total loans (all figures as per 31/12/2017).

Low risk profile

Valiant’s risk profile is low. We are solely active in the retail banking business, with long-term customer relationships in Switzerland. Our main income sources – mortgages and commissions - provide very transparent, stable earnings. There is no proprietary trading.

The low risk profile builds on a restrictive lending policy, a diversified client portfolio, and a successful asset & liability management. Despite a long history of takeovers, there is no goodwill on the balance sheet. The increased lending volumes no not compromise the very high quality of loans.

Find more information about our asset quality and risk profile in our latest investor presentation:

Download Presentation for investors, 9 August 2018 (pdf 1 MB)

More stable and diversified funding

At Valiant, we are making the most of our various funding options. In the current low interest rate environment, we aim to further stabilise our funding and diversify the instruments we use. To achieve this, we will continue to increase the amount of stable client deposits and reduce our unsecured funding. In the medium term, we will also add to our secured funding through our Valiant covered bonds programme. 

Further reductions in financing costs

Refinancing is a key way of reducing interest costs despite the low interest rate environment and making interest margins more resilient. Since 2013, we have reduced interest expense by more than half. Funding at very low rates will further reduce Valiant’s interest expense going forward.

Find more information about our funding in our latest investor presentation:

Herunterladen Presentation for investors, 9 August 2018 (pdf 1 MB)

Sustainability is in our DNA

We know our clients, and our clients know us. Our clearly defined geographical area of activity, our positioning as a retail and SME bank, and the close relationships with our clients are the key features of our simple, responsible and sustainable business model.

Sustainability criteria are rooted in our lending policy

The client deposits and savings entrusted to us are funding home owners and SME. Our lending is broken down into many small and medium-sized amounts. Thanks to our regional roots and close client relationships we know the properties and businesses that we finance very well. In line with our careful lending policy, we take a cautious approach towards sectors that have questionable ecological, economic and social aspects.

Valiant operates exclusively in Switzerland

Given the very stringent regulatory environment in Switzerland, our approach to many ecological, economic and social aspects already meets relatively high standards. And given Valiant’s simple business model, we do not finance international projects, which would have to be critically examined in terms of fundamental human rights, large-scale environmental pollution, and forced or child labour. Exposure to sustainability risks is also low.

Learn more about Valiant’s corporate responsibility and sustainability in our ESG section here.

Improved earnings power despite low-interest environment

Balance sheet (CHF bn)2017201620152014

Total assets



– of which mortgages









Client deposits


Client assets


Equity capital


Income statement (in CHF m)2017201620152014
Operating income 1388379382360

Operating expenses


Operating profit


Consolidated net profit

1 Before value adjustments for credit risk, and loan losses

Key ratios2017201620152014 
Net interest margin110bps113bps113bps104bps

Cost/income ratio


Non-performing loans/Total loans

Return on equity5.5%5.6%5.6%5.1%

Equity capital2017201620152014

Core capital ratio, Tier 1+2




Full-time equivalents873842821883

Please find more key financials here: Results and reports


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