Governance and Sustainability

As we work towards our objectives, we strive to maintain a balance between management, controls and transparency.  

Corporate responsibility and sustainability have always been part and parcel of our responsibility towards the region and are therefore reflected in our values and in our culture.

Please find below our essential corporate governance-related and ESG information available in English. For the complete disclosure please refer to our publications in German

Annual General Meetings​​​​​​​

Download Voting results of the 2018 ordinary Annual General Meeting (pdf 32 KB)
Download Valiant AGM: Dividend raised to CHF 4.00, 23 May 2018 (pdf 34 KB)
Download Invitation to the Ordinary Annual General Meeting 2018 (pdf 362 KB)
Download Voting results of the ordinary AGM 2017 (pdf 31 KB)

Corporate governance information

Download Corporate Governance Report (2017 Annual Report, pp 41) (pdf 1 MB)
Download Compensation Report (2017 Annual Report, pp 69) (pdf 239 KB)

Corporate responsibility (ESG) information

Download 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report (pdf 190 KB)
Download GRI Index (2017 Annual Report) (pdf 82 KB)
Download Update on Valiant’s corporate responsibility, February 2018 (pdf 291 KB)
Download Corporate responsibility policy (PDF 325 KB)


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