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15.06.2021 - Valiant places new covered bonds


Valiant places new covered bonds

Valiant Bank has placed a new CHF 215 million tranche of its covered bond programme today, 15 June 2021.

It is Valiant’s tenth successful capital market placement of mortgage covered bonds. The latest issue has a term of 9.4 years and a coupon of 0.1%. Rating agency Moody’s is likely to award it a Triple-A rating.

The tenth series is priced at 100.244 per cent with a yield at maturity of 0.074 per cent. It will be traded on the SIX starting 29 June 2021. Valiant has issued a total of CHF 2.74 billion in covered bonds. Alongside client deposits and central mortgage institution loans, they are a third source of funding for Valiant’s loans. In this way, it is able to further reduce its funding costs.

Valiant plans to continue placing covered bonds on a regular basis.

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