Debt capital

Debt capital

Information on Valiant's credit ratings and listed bonds.

Credit ratings

The ratings assigned to Valiant Bank by various rating agencies attest to our creditworthiness.

Rating Date
Moody's Deposit RatingA1/Prime-118 June 2021
Zürcher KantonalbankA07 May 2021
GBBA05 September 2019

Valiant covered bonds

The following Covered Bonds have been issued by Valiant Bank AG.

0.375%CHF 250 Mio.2017-06.12.2027CH0391911770
0.125%CHF 500 Mio.2018-23.04.2024CH0410155144
0.200%CHF 303 Mio.2019-29.01.2027CH0419040727
0.000%CHF 400 Mio.2019-31.07.2029CH0419041337
0.000%CHF 190 Mio.2019-31.10.2025CH0419041675
0.125%CHF 310 Mio.2019-04.12.2034CH0461239029
CHF 115 Mio.
Private placement
0.100% CHF 190 Mio.2021-07.05.2031CH0522158879
0.100% CHF 215 Mio.2021-29.11.2030CH0522158903


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