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Market data

The Valiant share has been listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since Valiant Holding AG was founded in 1997. Current market data about Valiant Holding AG is available at SIX Swiss Exchange.

GAAPSwiss GAAP for Banks
ISIN / Ticker symbolCH001.478.650.0 / VATN.SW
Total number of shares / par value15,792,461 / CHF 0.50

Analyst recommendations

We are aware of the following analyst recommendations for the Valiant share. The evaluations, judgments and expectations do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Valiant.

CompanyAnalystPrice targetRecommendationDate
Baader HelveaTomasz GrzelakCHF 115Hold9/8/2018
Credit SuisseAndreas BrunCHF 104Underperform13/8/2018
Kepler CheuvreuxDavid HartCHF 96Reduce9/8/2018
MainFirstDaniel RegliCHF 135Buy9/8/2018
Zürcher KantonalbankMichael Kunz-Hold9/8/2018

Significant shareholders

The following shareholder currently holds more than 5 per cent of the shares in Valiant Holding AG:

- UBS Fund Management (Switzerland)

The following shareholder currently holds more than 3 per cent of the shares in Valiant Holding AG:

- Highclere International Investors (UK)

Published notifications of holdings are available on the SIX Exchange Regulation website.

Shareholder structure

Valiant has a free float of 100%. 33'000 private individual shareholders together hold 46% of the shares. 54% of the shares are owned by institutional shareholders.

Size of holding (number of shares)201720162015
1-1000 38.1%39.7%41.1%
1001-10 00011.9%12.1%12.2%
10 001-100 00015.3%12.8%11.0%
>100 00016.1%21.2%19.9%
Shareholders not registered 18.5%14.2%15.9%


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